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About us

ART DUO -a company which consists of different fields of activity.

Our aim is to create different projects related to educational, cultural and tourist fields.

Educational field of Art duo:

The center«Happy fingers» offers various creative activities for children of differnet age groups (pre-school and school). The lessons which are taught in russian, czech and english languages.

- Music school «Gradus ad Parnassum» gives a possibility to recive a professional music education (via private lessons) and offers an opportunity to get a secondary school degree in music.

- Regular concert projects with chldrens participation are organized by the school.

Cultural filed of Art-Duo:

-A series of chamber music concerts in the Russian center of Science &Culture in Prague

«Classical music for friends» and «Classical music for children».

-Festival and competition for young performers «Music seasons in Prague and Europe»

-Classical and modern art festival «Jindřichův Hradec Fest»

Tourist field of Art DUO:

-Organisation of various tourist programs for participants of the festival «Music seasons in

Prague and Europe».

-Organisation and helding of master-classes , summer schools , festivals, concerts, seminars,

courses including tourist packages for the participants attending the mentioned activities .

Jana Subbotina

Jana Subbotina is a pianist , but also a founder and a director of various creative and

professional projects such as cycle of concerts «Classical music for children», piano duet

«Duo Eleganza», childrens activity center «Happy fingers», company «Art-duo».

Jana Subbotina is also a director of the International music festival «Music seasons in Prague

and Europe».

Jana graduated from Moscow State Institute of Music of Schnitke with an undegraduated

degree in music. She then continued her studies in the Russian Academy of Music of Gnesin

and graduated with a master degree in Arts (class of O.Musorin and V.Nosina).

During her studies ,the piansit won the competition of Rubinstein in Paris(1999).In 2000 Jana

recieved a grand-prix at the vocal competition in Lisbon together with Irina

Samoilova(soprano).She also gave solo and ensemble perfomances in various European

countries such as: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Spian and Czech Republic.

Philipp Subbotin

A pianist Philipp Subbotin graduated from the Russian Academy of Music of

Gnesin(Moscow). He then continued his studies at the Academy of Music of Arts in Prague

and graduated with a master degree in Arts. He was a student of a famous pianist of the XXth

century ,Ivan Moravec. In 2001 the pianist became a laureat of the International Competition

in Italy(Vicence)

Philipp is a general manger of a music school «Gradus ad Parnassum» at the Russian center of

science and culture in Prague .He is also a director of a series of concert projects «Classical

music for friends».Together with Dmitry Kalinin(balalayka)Philipp created an ensemble

«Russian duet».

Philipp Subbotin worked as a member of the jury at various international competitions such as

the Internationl Music Competioion of L. and M.Rostropvich(Orenburg, Russia), the Music

cometition of F.Lizst in Budapest at the Russian Cultural Center, «Piano seasons in Prague»,

«Young talents of Chukotka».

The pianist gives regular performances at the Moscow Internationl House of Music, in

concert halls of Gnesin, at the Central House of Arts(Moscow), in Martin Hall in Prague, in

Radium Palace in Yahimov and in various philarmonic halls in Russia;

Philipp Subbotin often performs in European concert halls :in Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy,

Denmark, Sweden and Serbia.

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